quality & care

Sutcliffe Furniture is proud in it's manufacturing of quality furniture, which leads to a great customer experience and gives real value.

Sutcliffe Furniture has a clear commitment to integrity in all aspects: design, product function, catalogues and promotional materials, showrooms, after sales service in addition to a quality of making including the use of modern machinery and production techniques and to top of it off financial stability and a concern for the environment.

Providing our customers with assurance that a Sutcliffe Furniture product will add beauty and quality to thier home.

Care of cabinet furniture

To keep your cabinet in good condition, we recommend that in addition to regular dusting with a soft, clean duster an occasional wipe with a chamois leather rinsed in a mild detergent solution is beneficial. Any spillage should be removed at once. Proprietary sprays and polishes must not be used. Please avoid heat and rough objects which may scratch the surface of the furniture. Further instructions regarding your particular item of furniture are attached to each individual item where applicable. With exposure to light, all timber will mellow with age. Please remember that timber, being a natural substance, no two pieces will be identical.

Care of your upholstery

Dust and grit will dull the colour of your upholstery and also cause deterioration. To keep your upholstery in good condition, regular vacuum cleaning is recommended. Household aerosol dry cleaning substances may be used – manufacturer’s instructions must be followed carefully – or, alternatively, employ the services of a reputable dry cleaning company.